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  • hey cape - if you can hook me up with some of those local roads that i should hit that would be great - looking to head towards lville soon and would love an alternative to 518 - thanks
    marley (jason)
    Hey Tom. The stuff was sent out. Not sure why you have not received. We'll gladly send out again. Please email (pam) and we'll get you taken care of. Be sure to include that it's for Corona mounts.

    You can copy me if you like


    Any chance you can check on those Corona mounts for me? It's been 3 weeks and nothing.
    WAIT!!! I just turned 41. 40 was a big one for me. Time flies right by and before you know it, you'll be like.....WFT happed to my 30's???

    Regardless, have a great B-Day!!!
    Doood, I should have bet you... Steely Dan started touring in 1994... Anything before that is studio... BTW did Tracy know Barry...
    Hey Man, good ride last night. Shame it had to end the way it did but that's the way it goes some time. Good riding with you come back soon.
    I was thinking of leaving my house between 730-800 am BUT if that is too early let me know...Pretty much I have all day to myself so time is up to you...I spoke to someone from the Trailspinner Group and they sed dem trails down dare are ready for some rippin...I have never been here before so I couldn't tell you where the best starting spot is...I was going to follow a map if you didn't jump on this ride...My cell is 732.713.9072 text away details as to what works for you and Pearl... I'm going north on the Parkway this morning and I see a Focus with 2 boats on it that were bigger than the car. I laughed, then laughed harder when I noticed it was you! Good stuff.
    I wanted to see if this was the same capedoc from the JSSKA forums, guess so. I kayak too, but mostly up north. Just got a new boat, P&H Scorpio LV, so my Prijon is up for sale, it is listed in the marketplace if poor iggy is still looking.
    6mi. was great the other day, glad I got there before the rains. Me, Rockmonster(Rich), and Dr. K(Matt) rode for about 2hrs. Don't know how much rain they got but that place usually stays wet, Allaire should be good this weekend.
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