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    Wielding Jehovah's Cyclocross Battleaxe

    I'm a tri geek yo. I have not done any other kind of race. I imagine its a dust bowl since it hasn't rained here since we moved in June. I will report out. I wish I woulda given away the Supermuds before I left :)
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    Wielding Jehovah's Cyclocross Battleaxe

    A little experiment for this year's cross season here in sunny california. I am not going to train for it, no CP nothing. My bike training this year AB (after battenkill) has been weekly 6 hour rides in Z1-Z2 and some short tempo work. So I now have a diametrically opposed power curve...
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    Edge 1000

    I just returned the edge 1000. buggy piece of doo doo. Not ready for prime time. And it's big.
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    SOLD FS: 1999 Volvo S80 4dr, $1,200 obo

    SOLD We're moving to California, need to sell one of our cars See pics here, as well as the Kelly blue book value ($2k+) and options summary. $1,200 or best offer, motivated to move this fast. 125,000 miles. We put $4k into it over last 5 years. New struts, shocks, whatnot...
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    At what point will we stop using Garmin Edge devices and only using our phones?

    The question is for which segment This crowd will need specific equipment for a long time. Just like Luke needs his Nikon, as misguided as that is :) General population, which is bigger than this crowd, will be ok with a smartphone, and the tech will get better and better. Just like taking...
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    Be careful of celebrating

    I was standing right there just out of view. His grandfather who is the announcer made fun of him. Noah then raced in Cat 2s, and did well. It's not like the first win he had, he wins every week.
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    French Creek race

    Very well organized, trails were great, and results posted same day. Same as with Iron Hill, this was a pleasure to suffer 4 hours
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    Kush's semi-training thread

    New job ... they want me out there, and who am I to argue. I grew up there. We bought a place in Los Gatos, looking forward to it.
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    Kush's semi-training thread

    Hey Kevin, I didn't do GMSR, cause they didn't allow aero equipment for the TT stage. I did ride 5 of 6 of the gaps in the Green Mountain range in a single day. Very good riding there. I also did the Killington Stage Race.
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    Ships Log: Fat Aircraft carrier war games

    I also think it's amazing that out of a field of 100, for 1h40ish 2-3 minutes seems so little but it is in fact huge. Well done and congrats on the new addition!
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    Kush's semi-training thread

    SSAP 9th place in the men's open. While I had a solid race, almost perfect in terms of handling, equipment and so on, I'm slightly disappointed because last year I took 3rd. In the guys ahead of me, 4 I beat last year, and 4 were new, including Monty. My time was 3 minutes slower...
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    Kush's semi-training thread

    EO says they are pretty fast out there.
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    Kush's semi-training thread

    I raced on Sunday yo. It was a bit warmer and I think less wet. I finished 23rd - mid-chase pack, and 8th Cat 3. Yea. lesson learned. Too conservative. Not my nature, I was trying to be too smart :)
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    Kush's semi-training thread

    I dust this off for special occasions Battenkill is special, this is the 5th year I think I’ve done it. It’s also a family affair. Battenkill is the first real race of the season, and together with SSAP it forms a target for training in the offseason. So this offseason 16 week block is...
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    Flight 370 or Mini Utah?

    Congrats Utah!
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