WTF is up with those SRAM brakes?


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So I had my bike in for a service and asked the bike shop to look into my SRAM G2 RS brakes: are they performing as a SRAM brakeset would be expected to perform? The bike shop technician kindly cleaned the brakes, did some magic with the pads and handed me the bike saying the brakes are fine. So now I know this is just normal SRAM brake performance and not any contamination issue, but coming off 2-pot XT brakes I just can't get used to the G2.

So I decided to pull the trigger and replace. Will be posting the G2s for sale here in due course for those of you who prefer modulation over actual braking. Will include rotors too.

That said, I would welcome advice about what to get. Based on my 2-pot XT experience, I don't think I need 4-pots, so thinking the following with a 160/180 rotor setup:

XTR 9100s
Magura MT8 Raceline
Magura MT8 SL


"Shigura" with XTR calipers and Magura levers - apparently this works. Magura levers have more adjustability than 9100s

Any advice?

My default assumption is to go XTR, but the Maguras look great and are cheaper....but not too many reliable reviews.

Xt 4 piston up front, 2 in the rear. Done.
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So I am looking into Hope dealers in the USA..there seem to be none on the East Coast. Where did you get your Hopes?

I just got a set of Tech 3 E4 from Combined it with a sale they had and got the pair for under $400. Their stock is a lot lower now tho.

There might be some sellers on PinkBike classifieds with more stock available.

I had some Code R's and even got a RSC rear lever and a Cascade pivot (which did help a lot) but still didn't feel as good as the Hope I had on my DJ bike. Instead of getting another lever for the front I just ordered the Hopes. Installed the Hope's and haven't even bleed the rear after undoing the cable to route it and they feel better already. I liked the XT feel I had a couple of bikes ago but I prefer the adjust ability and the overall grab of the Hope better. Plus they look sano!


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So I am looking into Hope dealers in the USA..there seem to be none on the East Coast. Where did you get your Hopes?
I've gotten mine from Universal Cycles and Ebay. Not USA, but I've also ordered from Chain Reaction as well with good results.
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So I am looking into Hope dealers in the USA..there seem to be none on the East Coast. Where did you get your Hopes?
i normally order mine through backcountry/competitive cyclist, merlin cycles, or chain reaction. ive had 2 sets of tech3 v4 and 3 sets of tech3 e4 on various different bikes that ive had. shimano brakes suffice but i havent found anything with comparative craftsmanship, ease of serviceability and performance as the hope models. with the thousands of miles ive put on them ive only ever bled and replaced pads/rotors. i also prefer dot over mineral oil so thats a plus for me.

i dont think they tech4s are out yet, they released the specs and such but i dont think consumers have actually gotten hands on them yet
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I have Tech 3 E4s. Their serviceability is great. They can be bled without special tools (though they exist to make it even easier).
After a few years of serious bike park downhilling they started seizing up on long descents. I just had to replace the piston seals and it was like a new brake again. Literally a $10 part and I was able to do the repair myself. My bike came with Sram Guides and the LBS just told me they had to be replaced and could not be fixed.

Get your Hopes in a cool color and be showered with praise from the kids at the bike parks :)
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Code RSC 220mm rotor in the front and 200mm in the rear……. I Never have a problem stopping. Disclaimer: I’m fat so there is a lot of wind resistance 😎


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Ok I will try the hopes.

Has anyone tried an X2 in the rear and E4 in the front?
You won’t be sorry, I run Tech3 X2 on my HT and FS (429 trail)
If you’re doing extended DH runs it wouldn’t be a bad idea to run the E4 calipers.
Some folks get hung up on the fact that they use DOT fluid but for me they always work in any temperature.


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Order placed. Thanks everyone!


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How are Magura MT7s vs the Hope counter part? Looking into a future upgrade. The bike has Code Rs which seem to need a bleed more often than Shimano. I dislike all things SRAM (including brakes & drivetrain), so I'd like to replace the Code Rs if the opportunity / need presents itself i.e. if the Codes need to be fixed etc.
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