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wow what a win.. I guess your run of bad luck might be ending??

No more Bad-Luck-Chuck??
I can't tell you all how much I was freaking out when I got the call from Myles from the NACT telling me that I had WON...:) It is kinds funny, as Fred and I where driving out to the Island we both started joking about what we would do if we won the bike, never thinking that would be the case. So at this point I have to wait for Richard Sach to contact me then go to his shop in CT and get the ball rolling. By far this is the coolest thing to ever happen to me...Considering that Jdog has given me the nickname "BAD LUCK CHUCK" at least for now it isn't the case.... But there is always tomorrow...Happy Turkey day to all!!!
Thanks Rog....And FRED gets my back up cannondale CX 4 so he is a winner as well....It's is sorta a pay it forward thing....What comes around goes around...


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Hey Fred, how about I trade ya the bike for a case of Red Bull that happen to fall of a truck in Long Island last week? It's sugar free :D

Chuck, congrats, it could not have happened to nicer guy!

RC ... :)

HA! I have a good amount of RB myself! :D That was too funny!


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Hey chuck, congrats. I think it's awesome that you're getting that frame, and doing a good deed toward Fred as well. So congrats to him as well:D. You deserve it.
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