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For years we have had a mating pair of cardinals in the yard that nest somewhere high in the neighbors trees. This morning was the first time I saw them both at the same time.

Had to zoom in separately thru the sliding glass door to get the pic so it’s a little grainy.

For those that don’t know it’s the male bird that has all the color.



When you see them, do you say "red on black, okay for Jack..."?

Ha no these are obvious. That's for differentiating a harmless scarlet kingsnake or florida scarlet snake from a venomous coral snake. There are coral snakes (and scarlet kingsnakes) in Florida but I've never seen them. A worker was bitten by one a few years ago in a new development a few miles from us. I wouldn't take the chance, none of those rhymes are foolproof and there are genetic variants that can trip up identification.
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