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Came across a deer mouse on the trail Saturday, the trail dirt was only about 7-inches wide the the mouse was walking in a perpetual 9-inch circle. I stopped, leaned over the bars to watch it, it cocked its head sideways and stared back at me with one eye as it continued circling. I was a little shocked so didn't think to video it :mad:, but as I rode a way I timed its circle so my 4.8" tires didn't crush it. Got home and google tells me it could have a brain parasite, brain tumor, inner ear infection, or had a stroke. Probably should have squashed it...


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Eastern garter snake on my driveway, maybe 3' long. Rationally I know they're beneficial and contain myself when I see one, but I really would like to run around screaming like a scared little girl. I don't have the same reaction in the woods, it's really finding them so close to home and the fact that I noticed a number of holes in the ground in my crawl space that freaks me out. This dude had just eaten something, there's a bump about 3/4 of the body length from the head.

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Not wildlife but I found these on the lawn today. Any idea what they are? (Alien life form, the 'rona in the lawn?)
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