What have you done to your bike today?

Karate Monkey

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Thanks for the offer, but I have another new one on order.
I'd get yours as a spare, or use in the meantime, but I live in no mans land and don't get out much.
I just looked for it/can't find it, but if I do/you're comfortable with it, the cage can be removed from the body of the derailleur for packing purposes. It'll fit in a flat rate box.


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Did some winter (is it?) maintenance. Serviced rear shock air sleeve and added another volume spacer. Serviced the fork, replaced seals and installed a Vorsprung Lufftkappe kit. Bumped up the travel to 140mm with a new air piston.

Removed brake calipers/lever/hose to bleed while hanging them, only way to get all the darn air out. Replaced the pads with spare ones that did not have any bite. Cooked the pads in the oven for 30 min and they seem ok. Next is a new front tire, and move the front tire to the rear. Also, plan to service the I9 hub pawls while the tires are off.


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Project U-08 is rideable! Within the last few days I picked up see some odds and ends at Sussex Bike and Sport to finish her up. Today I ran the new cables, set up the brakes, wrapped the bars, and took her for a spin. There are still a few more adjustments to make, and a few parts I might end up swapping out, but for now she's good to go !

one piece crank

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Installed a new chain to go with my new absolute black chainring, you know, new with new. I’m most surprised how much better the new chain shifts, considering the old one was not worn out. Old chain was KMC X11, new chain is KMC X11EPT.

And I’m still lovin’ the new bar/grip position!


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Installed a new wheelset on the Sir9. Amazing eBay find for a non-boost bike. Picked up a set of Enve M630’s. Got the tires put. But still have to install the rotors and new Chris King 19t. Will post pics when complete.

Also have a new wheelset for the wife’s bike, courtesy of Halter cycles. Gonna be a long Friday night trying to get bikes together for the weekend.