What are you cooking right now?


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Some work of art right there, I still can't make them the right way
They didn't come out perfect but close enough. Get water simmering, add some white vinegar. Swirl water in pot around and at max speed, slide egg in the middle of the vortex. That helps keep the egg white wrapped around the yolk. I need to buy a skimmer, but my potato masher worked second best.


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Am I the first one to post a Turkey?!!

17 people coming over at 4pm meant I’ve been up since 6:15AM with the Mrs doing all the prep- 26lbs this year that thing is heavy. Bird went in the oven at 7:45 only 15 min later than we planned.

See you in about 8.5 hours!



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My first time cooking a bird.
Thinking I should f it all up so it’s one and done ;)
My poultry allergy earns me a nice marbled strip, but sadly no reverse sear today-
Oven is fully booked for the day....
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