Trail conditions?

Kittatinny & Allamuchy

make that money!

how much snow did you guys see up north? Its all slush around here

I live about 10 minutes from Kittatinny & 15 from Allamuchy -
we got about 4 inches of wet snow ...

any reports from Lewis Morris? I've got friends visiting from Germany and they want to ride this coming weekend.

weather looks like 40's for the week after today, rain on friday.

as long as "norm champion" doesn't make any more predictions, we should at least be able to get on the roads this weekend.
Yeah I'm out of the business now. I started well but then hit the skids hard.
Norm Champion - that is fantastic! 40's and rain midweek?? that'll shut things down for a while.
did you see elzollers post in the feb 25 thread? said that the 'mooch was more than rideable. can't imagine spinning 18 miles on ice. anywhere.
here's a pic from Allamuchy yesterday...I got about 60 I said, i don't know the trail names but I saw Red, White, Blue, Green markers and a trail sign for Limbo
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I don't know what happens to the image links...they work for a little bit and then they crap out. Anyway, I loaded a pic on the Allamuchy Gallery section here...
looks like it could pan out as long as "norm champion" doesn't make any predictions and either snow, rain or flood on the parade.
mahlon is no good. hiked 6 miles of it this afternoon and it was really difficult just to walk. soft semi-slush, very unpredictable.
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