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I have been pondering a new ride for the 2008 season. Race machine only. I can't say cost is not an object, but I am not trying to penny pinch. I like the idea of an out of the box bike since they are usually more cost (here i go) effective. Weight is an issue. And suspension seems to be an issue. The only time I have ever been passed is when I was hung over, broke or on a rough downhill (whilst riding rigid rear); oh yeah and by Maurice and Ryan during one of our "team" races.

I have looked at the new Fisher Procaliber, Trek EX9.5 (too heavy), Trek Top Fuel ($$$). Any opinions, sugestions, look sees, etc?


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How about Giant Anthem 1 ($2600), Rocky Mountain Element 70 (2007 Mountain Biking mag bike of the year) ($2800) just to name a couple.


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bill, go hardtail. you know it's the right thing. all you have to decide is whether you're faster on a 26 or 29.

you want a race bike, get a race bike. remind me again, why exactly you own a sub-15 lb road bike again if you don't want to go faster??


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I'm gonna go with Tony here. Both the Anthem and the Element are great race bikes. The new Procaliber does look promising, but haven't had one in yet. Perhaps a Turner Flux?


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Scale, Nitrous, Spider FRO, Truth, Scalpel, RacerX Carbon

All bling, all light, all $$$.


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Go custom, no question. Let's talk when I get back. Canned packages aren't going to be what you need for race season.


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I just picked up my new race rig. It's a Cannondale Taurine 1 full carbon. It built up out of the box at 22.3 lbs. and that's a large frameset.
Hardtail for racing. :)


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Canned packages aren't going to be what you need for race season.

That's a strange statement. Plenty of complete race ready packages, by almost every company.

Not sure of your size but Chuck has a Cannondale Scalpel that he's looking to unload.


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Just going with what I know of the buyer. By all means, if you know him better offer a suggestion.


I bought a Titus Racer X last year and can't rave about it enough. MTB Action magavine loves it to. Everyone I know that has purchased the bike[even hard core expert racers on a new bike each season] love it. The only reasons any one has sold theirs has been to buy another [carbon]. Try Campmor in Paramus, theyl hook you up [yes my sponser].


You'd throw the Truth in there?

I wouldn't. Not as a :"race-only machine." Head angle is 70 degrees so although it's a light frame and could obviously win races, it's not a single-minded race XC machine like the anthem, scalpel or nitrous, each focused on screaming speed.

The scalpel technically has a slacker HA too, but I've heard the Cdale forum guys say HA is a misleading stat with the lefty.

BTW, I don't see the Nitrous on Turner's web site and they're now calling the Flux an "XC race bike," so guess the Nitrous is history.

There's 20 hardtail options too of course, but I know squat about hardtails.


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Yes, the Turner Nitrous is a goner. They shaved 1/4 pound off the Flux so it's down to Titus RX weight (if not lower) and with a slightly slacker head angle (Flux = 70 deg. RX = 71 deg.). I figure you can't go wrong with either one.
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