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  • Pete -

    Be my "Friend". I need, I want, I DEMAND more "Friends"...

    I'm going to "befriend" you now.

    Don't be afraid...:)
    You do not need to say anything more...your bike building skills speak for you..."Your ROCKness"
    what do you want me to say? Want me to say it was the best bike I ever built? Well it was the second best. Yours was better and you're definitely better looking than your son too. So I guess that really makes him second best
    Pete, actually.... that's what I thought I was doing in the Marketplace, but I would happy to post in the "shop review" also, but first could you acknowledge your bike building ROCKness and not turn my thread about you, into "roof rack" utterances...wink wink nodd nodd
    sounds good. It really looks great. Hey, ya know if I "rock" so much, you could always post a shop review on the forum. wink wink nodd nodd. I'm sure he'll like it
    I saw the photos VB took of my sons new bike...YOU ROCK...I'll be by to pick it up this weekend.
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