If You Own an SS Bike

What size is your SS?

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    Votes: 33 50.8%
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    Votes: 34 52.3%

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Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Fogerson and I were discussing adding a widget to the Trail Directory pages. And the topic came up about what people ride. We have a fair number of people who own a SS so if you do, are you on a 29er or 26er.

Please only vote if you actually own an SS. You can pick both if you own both.


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
You can vote. I mean technically it's still yours right. I cna add an option for 14.5 since I guess that's almost technically what you ride. ;)


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What about the 700c FG folks ;) We can't be lumped in with the 29er crowd! I have a crap-weather-commuter FG for the road.


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Well the survey is meant to address a widget we want to put on the trails page. So it's not a general question but one of gearing choice as it pertains to trail use.


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I voted 29er, but I was on (and still own) a 26" SS for two years+. Whether or not I ever ride it again remains to be seen, hence only one vote, one bike, for me.


26" right now. A 29" On-One frame in need of a build. When the Lynskey On-One 29er gets out of the R&D stage I think I'll be 29 full time.

Brian Snyder

JORBA "Roaming Gnome"
26" rigid Bianchi

Too short for a 29er :eek:

For now, I am on a Bianchi MUSS (rigid 26"). I got a deal on a Felt Niner comp demo at Kenda Fest. The instant I have any issues with the drivetrain, it gets shit-canned to go SS. I am 5' 9", with a 32" inseam and after a little adjusting, I am using it as my go to "Late Afternoon" ride.
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