God I love Craigslist.......


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Not at all stolen



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To things someone wasted a perfectly working chainsaw or weed wacker motor to make this Happen

RIM brake!

At least he’s open to reasonable offers 🤦🏻‍♂️



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Not just overpriced but those are MY TIRES!!!!

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i badly want to send a message asking if he would part it out and only sell the tires and the pedals, but I get enough junk email already.


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not bike related but very creative I guess some people have a lot of free time.

description made me chuckle 😀

!Liquidation sale!
Get it while you can, these items are melting fast!

-unique design, just like each of the snowflakes they were crafted from.
-100% organic material. So eco friendly it will melt into the earth right before your eyes.
- a perfect gift for those snow people camping out on your lawn, or for that one person in your life who really needs to chill.
-flower pot not included

*curbside pickup, seller is not responsible for transport, please bring your own sled*

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