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what are everyones goals with training? fast racer? pro? faster rider? less slow of a rider?

i personally want to be a fast racer, and have a secret desire to one day turn pro. thank the gods for endurance races, because if cross country and downhill were still the only options for making a carreer out of it, i would be a hair to old to be jumping into the game. i'll settle for being a consistant top five expert one day though, and a top three solo 24 and/or 100 mile racer.


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i hope one day that I will actually enjoy biking.

My main goal is to lose weight and not be a cripple when I hit 50 years old


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Right now my goal is to drop another 20+ pounds and to not drop my level of commitment in the offseason. Next year's goals are TBD.


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An offroad Single Speed 100 mile ride and to be the Earths Greatest Green Lanturn of all time.


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Goal To take my son biking on some fire roads next year.
I tried this summer on those dirt trails up by the duck pond (Ridgewood) but he's still a little to small, yet.

Goals over the winter is it to keep off the 30lbs I lost this summer.


I want to increase me uphill conquering capabilities. In the few rides I've been on with the group of nearly always been the last one to make it up the hill - not good!


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heythorp said:
Would be quit ironic, me starting work and you stopping. Talk about a switch in riding time.

Yeah bad timing for me though. I'd rather be out of work in about 3 months so I could ski.


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I got laid off a few years ago and took the entire summer off. What did I do with it? Ride a lot? No, just bummed around. What a waste.


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Great idea posting here. Having a goal is a great way to get you through the winter!! I have done it many times and it sure helped keep me focused. Unfortunalely, I'm a bit burned out right now, and I can't think about winter, so today my goal is To NOT have any goals, and just ride.:eek:

But I'm thinking about loosing a few pounds. Not sure if that is realistic for me, as I don't do diets well. I have no will power and chocolate ice cream just slides down way too easy, and wine with dinner? I'm loosing steam already. :rolleyes:

OK, my goal: loose the belly




September & October is some of the best riding weather...
...ytc100, will I see you monday morning?

forgot won't be back to work til wednesday
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cem said:
September & October is some of the best riding weather...
...ytc100, will I see you monday morning?

forgot won't be back to work til wednesday

The fall is great for riding. Cool weather is nice and the woods seem quieter. Leaves can be a challenge.

cem: Looks like we still work together so I'll see you wed. :) Wasn't sure for a day or so there but it seems to be working out for now. Enjoy your 2 days off.
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