Covered Bridges Ride.


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I am registered .. As is everyone I know who road rides.

Should be a fun group.


I cant wait to see this area, I've never been out there on the bike. Should be a beautiful 100k! I hope we get good weather.


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Ok, I'm currious. What time are you clowns planning to start? 8am.

I may have enough time to ride there, do the ride, and then ride home.



Currently nursing an injured knee, but registered to do the 33 miler with Ryan ("Wage"). See y'all there.


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Went to the one today. I know it was a lot smaller, but it still rocked! Got 45 miles in on my sweet bike. :)


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How was this?? Riding in a group must have been nice with the windy. Hopefully the hills protected you guys a bit!


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It was cold and a bit windy but still a lot of fun and the scenery was nice. Looked for J and the others but couldn't find them. Wonder what it would take to get a bunch of mountain bikers together for something similar on the trails. I was surprised at the amount of people that showed up for this!


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How was this?? Riding in a group must have been nice with the windy. Hopefully the hills protected you guys a bit!

It was a really great loop.

We stared with about 15 and finished with 8.

I am pretty darn tired. I slept through the alarm and didn't go surf this am.



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This was a great event. So many people!

I didnt find Jdog or others in the Am, I found M3Tim and Frank who were doing the 50 mile route, so I rode the 50 with them. Windy and cold start, but the sun warmed things up. Lots of climbing, some were pretty long and steep. Combined with the wind, I certainly didn't break any speed records out there, nor did I try.:)

The rest stops were sweet, all kinds of stuff. The PBJ on whole wheat bread at the 38 mile mark was like gold.

We rode the route pretty casual with lots of goofing off and taking it the sights. I moo'ed at the cows, I made noises under the bridges, BS'ed with Tim and Frank along the way. A very fun day, I'll be back next year for sure.

Congrats to M3tim for doing his first long road ride. I think he's now feeling the dark side. :)

Here is the route: Look at the elevation, climbing right out of the gate! :drooling:


Great ride...

did the 50 and a lot more people than I expected. Thankfully the route was well protected most of the way so the wind wasn't that bad. The hills did add up though and had to laugh when I heard a woman behind me say "you've got to be F#%king kidding me" at the 47-48 mile only to see another climb.
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