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  • RE: RaceFace RA# info.‏
    From: Warranty (Warranty@raceface.com)
    Sent: Wed 1/07/09 4:09 PM
    To: Jason Fenton (jdogrides@msn.com)
    Ok, well I apologize for the delay but I will explain. RaceFace US warranty claims get sent to the Blaine address and I get shipment from them once a week (this is because of the borders issues, as RaceFace is in Canada). with the holidays the shipments from Blaine have been interrupted and delayed. I would say that I will get the package from you in the next shipment and will be processed as soon as I get it here. Again I apologize for the delay.

    Arrived where? At the address I gave you in Blaine, WA.

    day, January 07, 2009 12:41 PM
    To: Warranty
    Subject: RE: RaceFace RA# info.

    Hey Rob,

    They Arrived on the 31st of Dec using FEDEX Ground. # 881128010000128
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