Bulldog Rump


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Why would I go to this one...the people who run it are crazy...oh wait. I'm one of those... :D I'm IN!!!


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That wasn't the question!

Same course? Different? Spaghetti?


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Did this course run CW or CCW last year?

Find a map of last years course and I'll let you know. I am leaning towards CW. From the starting area/parking lot/big open field, we headed north and then up the steep short hill near the road. I think the past 2 H2H races have been in the same direction.


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no way is that 5,000 feet. i'd it's closer to 2,000, maybe 2,500. KVSP does have some vert but it's all on the other side of the road and that part of the park wasn't used.


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Anyone know if this place is a decent place to bring the family with young kids? Are there bathrooms?


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It's a great place to bring the family. There is a whole other side of the park to explore while the race is going on and there will be porta-johns there. There are no formal restrooms.
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