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Hi all-
Does anyone else have off this entire summer? If so, let's ride! I can make myself available pretty much any time during the day and don't need much notice to get to Wayway, Mahlon, KVSP, or Ringwood. PLEASE feel free to PM me for a last minute or planned weekday ride.
Well the summer has officially started and I'm off too. I'm not sure where Wayway is, but it sounds far away! haha...I will check mapquest in a minute. That would be cool to meet up at some point, though. Same here, drop me a pm if you are in the area (Jamesburg...exit 8A off Turnpike) or want to ride. :)
i actually live up north but have a place in long beach island for the summer. maybe you can show me some places to ride by you? oh, and wayway, is really waywayanda and that it is; way way yanda'

I want your jobs. Off for the summer, a biker's dream! Wendi is the go to girl for Wayway,...her cohort in crime of cyclism is Laura! If you want to go to Ringwood,....the pixy and marrianne are your leaders of the secret trails. 6 mile, hartshorne, and allaire are a must ride also. I live in Toms River, do you rode ride LBI? Have you ever considered BMXing the track of Little Egg Harbor? Lots of skills and lots of places. I wannna ride!

I am surprised I haven't seen you in Waywayanda. I ride 3-4 times a week there. I rode yesterday and got caught, with a flat, in the thunderstorm. It was a first time in long while I was afraid in the woods. The winds were whipping through, lightning flashing; it was pretty wicked. I rode my rim out for much of the way and called a friend for a pick up on cherry ridge.

Anyhow-Sunday I will ride and really any day next week. I would love to meet up with you and Laura...keep in touch

Thanks for the info. Jess. I hope I have a chance to ride with all of the forum girls at least once before winter.

I don't do a lot of road riding in LBI, only because it is just one more thing I would have to bring with me. I windsurf and surf so most of my shore focus is in the water. I love the idea of trying a BMX track, I don't have a BMX bike though?
Joangs, I live in Manahawkin, and we are off for the summer and ride all the time. Shoot me a pm if you want to get together and do Hartshorne or Clayton Parks. We can go in the am while it is cool and then head to the beach for a swim.

Wow, you girls rock!! How do you all get the summer off ??

I want to ride too. I only work mornings now, but may be retired soon. Then I can ride all day too.

Hopefully we can all hook up for some north rides soon.

Round Valley is probably far for you but if you ever want to ride there I'll join you. I live right by there and can usually ride there anytime.
I'm also a teacher:). Joan, we're an hour and forty-five minutes away from each other. If anyone meets up at Hartshorne or Clayton, I'd love to join you. I'm about an hour from Hartshorne and 45 min's from Clayton. I've never ridden either one. I've been looking for people to ride with, especially Hartshorne.
Let's try to commit to a day and time in Hartshorne?? I would love to ride somewhere new too!!
Thursday or Friday

Hartshorne Thursday or Friday is good for me and if anyone would like to ride Ringwood tomorrow (Monday, June 25th) I can get there anytime.
Hartshorne Thursday?

I should have recovered from todays Campmor's H2H race at Kittatinny by then. I would like to ride Hartshorne on Thursday, late morning?early afternoon if anyone is up to it.
I usually ride Waway in the morning before work. Just sent you a pm. Might be there tomorrow or another park if not, then Wed. Wendi :)
I usually ride Waway in the morning before work. Just sent you a pm. Might be there tomorrow or another park if not, then Wed. Wendi :)
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