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  1. jdog

    Moots / Halters Cycles Demo day Tuesday Aug 1 2023

    Moots is visiting the shop with a van full of TI road and Gravel bike to demo for FREE! TEXT 609-924-7433 to reserve a bike asap. Look for a confirmation text. Bikes can go out as early at 2pm and must be back by 7:45 Bring your shoes, pedals, CC, flat kit, water bottle and a Licence. **We...
  2. jdog

    2023 edition 31/31 / Halters cycles / MTBNJ Ride Every Day Contest For bragging rights and more. NOW with 21/31 option

    Here we are for yet another edition of the ever popular 31/31 This may seem like an easy task.. but trust me, it's tough. Here are the rules: You need to ride your bike every day, outside, for at least 1 hour The ride needs to be on Strava It's recommended to join THIS HERE GROUP on...
  3. jdog

    CANCELED ((rain) Pivot Demo day / HLTRS CYCLS/ 6MR / oct 17th 2021 / (must pre-reg)

    This event has been canceled due to wet conditions Follow this link to pre-register for a pivot cycles demo day to be held at 6 mile run. https://store.pivotcycles.com/en/DemoRental/halter-s-cycles-mtb-demo •Please note that there are NO day of registrations allowed. This is different than...
  4. jdog

    Santa Cruz Bicycles / Demo day / July 6th 2019

    Santa Cruz bicycles will host a demo day at 6 mile run on July 6th 2019from 10-3PM A typical selection of new 2019bikes to demo will be on hand to demo at no cost a complete list will follow please bring your pedals, ID/ CC. Minors will need a parent or guardian to sign for them Demos will...
  5. jdog

    Cannondale Demo brought to you by Halters Cycles @ 6mr Aug 27th

    https://www.facebook.com/events/1257625561025885??ti=ia List of bikes pending. Typically they bring both road and Mt bikes. Jacques Lane this time. 9-2 with the last demos going out at 1pm Will not happen if it rains. Bring a license and your pedals. Come ride some bikes.
  6. jdog

    Halter's Near the END of Summer Clearance Sale

    We are getting ready for fall a bit early this year. We have a ton of stuff to clear out and here is your chance to score some solid deals: 30% off all summer clothing 50% off all winter clothing 20% off all 2016 bikes 25% off 2015 and older bikes 20% or more off all Accessories. Great...
  7. jdog

    2016 July 31/31 Contest.. Who's In??

    Back again for 2016 31 Hours of riding in 31 days Gore bike wear is sponsoring this contest!! On top of the $100 Gift cert, Gore bike wear will outfit the man AND woman with the most hours in the month of July. ‪#‎gorebikewear‬ ‪#‎intotheelements‬ Update: my sram rep has donated a set of...
  8. jdog

    2017 cannondale scalpel

    So here it is The long awaited revision to one of the most popular XC full suspension bikes ever made. We got the first one in yesterday. They tell me that we are one of only 25 shops in the country to see this early delivery . This bike took a long time to come out because the needs of an...
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