2016 July 31/31 Contest.. Who's In??

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Back again for 2016

31 Hours of riding in 31 days

Gore bike wear is sponsoring this contest!! On top of the $100 Gift cert, Gore bike wear will outfit the man AND woman with the most hours in the month of July. ‪#‎gorebikewear‬ ‪#‎intotheelements‬

Update: my sram rep has donated a set of Guide brakes to this contest. The winner of these will be picked at random by my 4 year old.

-Cannondale has donated two Cypher helmets valued at $200 each.

-Clif will also donate some tbd schwag to random partisipants.

-LAZER helmets will donate a Magma or blade helmet to one Male and female finisher.

We have had really great response to this in the past, so here it goes again. It is really simple:

For the 31 days of JULY 2016, you must have a ride time of 1 hour or more for all 31 days of July. (mt or road)

Each rider will be awarded a $100 gift cert for use on in store purchases.

Please use strava or a similar time keeping application such that you can provide proof of your monthly tally.


This is limited to the first 50 people who bring in their results on Aug 1st or later


The goal here is a month-long commitment to cycling, digging deeper than before and finding a new path

Good luck!

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Going to give this a shot. Just started riding last year and only ride about once a week but this will motivate me to get out there and maybe help drop some more weight.
Alright, I'll throw my hat in the ring again. Coming to defend my crown from 2015. Last year I had 81 hours in July. Highly unlikely I get within 30 of that but let's see how many of you guys can beat me this year. Maybe I'll give you a pair of socks.

Or a rock.
Considering last year I was able to do at least an hour and 10 minutes a day, I'll try again this year.
Last year I had a handicap since I lost my Garmin.

Any handicap for riding my trainer outside for an hour a day with a broken collarbone? 🙂

Jk. I'm out this year it seems.
So far im up to about 3 hours a day. Im doing my 31 days now, will let Jason decide what happens when it's done. You can follow me on Instagram and Strava if you want. Even if he doesn't donate the money I can't give NJ TRANSHIT another dime so I'm determined to get through the summer. I'll have to figure out what to do in the winter.

I'm doing this now because I am going to be participating in the republican and democratic national conventions in July and will be leaving for several weeks. If I can get a bike rental in Cleveland I'll ride before my shift but you guys have no idea how much work is going into this. The higher ups have been planning this for nearly a year. The protesters will burn it all down in about 30 minutes. it's gonna be fun thankfully ill be locked in a truck in the basement of the Q where Labron was crying last night. 🙂 i think i have a good excuse. lol


This a great motivation to keep riding. Thanks Halter's and Gore for sponsoring this.

Since I won last year, I'm passing on this year as far as entering...good luck to all!
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