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  • it's better than I thought it would be, thanks for asking... yesterday it was really weak and sore, not terribly swollen... today it's a little stronger and tender but the swelling is barely noticeable... I can stand on one leg today so I should be ok to ride this weekend :) it was nice riding with you too... where do you usually ride? I've never been to CR before... not what I was expecting... not necessarily bad but I'm in no rush to go back anytime soon ;)
    The name of the discount site where I have seen RacerX is It a hit and miss w them. Had fun yesterday thanks for riding

    Hey there! I just realized the ride isn't until 1pm-ish on Saturday. I thought it started at 9am!! I have to be back in the 'Burg by late afternoon so I won't be able to make it. Hopefully we can get together soon and ride. I would definitely love to join you at LM! : )
    Hi! Are you planning on heading to Kittatinny next week? I'm excited about the ride. Hope to see you there! : )
    hey katie...left shoulder's better, but the right is kinda sore should be out riding this weekend somewhere..let me know what your plans are!
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