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    post your fall foliage pictures.

    beautiful !! miss the foliage!!
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    MTB Skills Coaching

    Good luck Mare !!
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    Garmin Connect Switch to Bing Maps

    garmin connect - Google/bing option now you can switch between Garmin and Google from the dashboard ! :)
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    Wet weather

    no rain on me since I left NJ least found one advantage of moving out .
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    Road Tubeless!

    I have a good experience with those tires .I'm on my second pair it's a bit pain to install , but once there are on the bike , hardly no issue. one issue - the tire body is constructed from carbon fiber (instead of calvar ) and is more pron to side cut . Tip : . if your bike is hanged during...
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    Halters Fall Clearance

    nice ,aligned with my business travel to NJ !
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    Good beginner-friendly race coming up on August 13th

    And the ones asking why drive to a rockless-rootless and sandy course bear in mind that nj beach are couple of miles down south!
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    2005 Honda Odyssey Touring -70000 miles - $13500 (Homdel /Middletown 07733)

    Bump Final price beforev the car goes to the dealer. 13500
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    If you could only have one mountain bike, what would it be?

    I would say that any 4" FS bilke would fit
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    Hybrid bike Fuji cross town2.0 for sale

    Sold! Thanks manny !
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    Moving out of the country -Home appliance for sale

    Sir ,thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately beside couple of event and brief "hi antgold from your right " we didn't have chance to ride more together ,riding with you will ensure a divorce ;) nevertheless I had a chance to follow virtually you and other great member in this site that boost...
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    2005 Honda Odyssey Touring -70000 miles - $13500 (Homdel /Middletown 07733)

    remember like it was yesterday ...we were only 2 months in NJ and my girls didn't know any English ... now the both fluent reading and writing .... and going back with a third baby girl :o I'm attaching some photos . we flying back on Aug 6th and the price reduced to 16,000
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    Moving out of the country -Home appliance for sale

    Going back to Israel.
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