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Oh cat pictures!! Grey one is Marley Apple (aka Fatty Catty)...I got her when she was a few days old and I had to bottle feed her every 3 hours for a few weeks. Now she’s obsessed with food and stinky bike shoes. When she was 12 weeks we rescued Gorkie Minorkie (tuxedo) to keep her company. He’s insane. He loves hair ties and tampons. Completely batshit but he adores me and follows me everywhere when I’m home. I also have a rescue pitty mix who’s scared to death of Gorkie.
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Cats are like bikes - you can’t have just one. So...
Marty - we should have taken his twin brother too.
Taylor/SuperT - our special needs cat. She has cerebellumhypoplasia.
Lee - mr antisocial
And lastly my Peanut - old grouch loves me and tolerates a few others.



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Here's a shot from the last time I had a cat. Work colleagues had rescued her- she was a stray from Harlem.
That was my introduction to start up vet bills. Damn.
That's Felixe.
Poor girl, I chased her around for 2 days with that hat trying to get that shot for our Xmas card - "Felixe Navidad!". (I cut the hat off a stuffed animal).
Anyway, after 2 days, she finally relented and let me get this pic.
Then probably clawed me.

Sadly I lost her in an ensuing custody battle, but she went on to have a nice long happy life.
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