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My wife is actually much more about the cat pics ... I think we could probably make a flip book of their lives that wouldn't miss out on much from her pics. I do have a few favorites, though:

My one guy likes to keep his paw on my hand when he sleeps next to me on the couch. I'd flatter myself by saying this is because he feels safer knowing I'm there, but the truth is that it's pure FOMO on his part - if I move to get off the couch, there is a possibility that I may be going to the kitchen, and he can't risk missing out on that.

This is my all-time favorite. It's a long story, but Butters was my neighbor's rescued barn cat who just decided he preferred the quiet of our backyard to their multi-animal home. We started feeding him and bought him his own igloo when we realized with our neighbor that he wasn't going home at all anymore. Over time, I became the only human Butters actually trusted and eventually, after a series of mishaps to the little guy outside, we took him inside (where he became the laziest pampered lap cat you've ever seen.) But this was before all that. One morning, I was getting ready to leave for work and I heard a knocking at the back door. I seriously thought it was a person, which is kind of freaky at 6:30 in the morning. I opened the door and this is what I saw. He was basically asking for more food.


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this was a tough post to see this morning. Our cat Tyson, 17 years old, passed away yesterday. He'd been sick for some time, mostly old age. The vet said he wasn't in pain, so we did everything we could to make him comfortable the last few months. Puppy pads all over the house, 2 litter boxes for him, all his favorite foods.

A great cat who would play fetch, follow you around, cuddle with my girls and let them do basically anything they wanted to him, with never a complaint.

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