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Aug 2, 2008
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Nov 23, 2017 at 10:12 AM
    1. macdad
      is it just me or is hartshorne getting more love on this website then in past years
    2. The Kalmyk
      The Kalmyk
      Hopefully the rain melted down some of the snow at Hartshorne!!!
    3. wonderturtle
      if you think you'll enjoy/use the bike more...go for it!!!
    4. macdad
      just learned the mary can be converted to a 1 * 9 - thinking about making the switch - may change to a front fork w lock out as well... thoughts? thinking it would be the perfect bike... for me
    5. macdad
      a little concerned about white clay - seems all stunts, bridges etc; blue marsh looks cool; couldn't find anything on stephens; raystown looks amazing
    6. Sircrashalot
      You still going today? I can go but have to do a shorter version. I'm gonna have time only to go at a pretty good pace to Middlebush & back. I am gonna try to be there for like 4:05-4:10 if I go later I have to ride less...
    7. Dusty the Whale
      Dusty the Whale
      but i LOVE it...get one
    8. Dusty the Whale
      Dusty the Whale
      its only been to allaire 2 times and nyc once but i had no problems at either ...tiger woods i cleaned all the climbs but 2 i stalled out cause of a root...but on the way back thru TW i did fine ...im getting better at taking a good line...but im gonna get it to mercer and 6mile before i start taking int to hilly places...
    9. Dusty the Whale
      Dusty the Whale
      pm me nay time you want to ride...im usually off wed. and always sundays but i have to start devoting some of my sunday mornings to my GF shes getting annoyed i ride all the time
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    On-One Scandal (front squish 1x9)
    Bike 2:
    Redline Monocog (singlespeed/ fully rigid)
    Bike 3:
    1980s Univega road bike
    Favorite Trails:
    Hartshorne, Huber (its small but close), Allaire
    Riding Style:
    nice flowy singletrack with hills.
    I love being fully rigid.


    "Just ride more, bitch less, and let things fall where they may." - Norm