"Official" BIYF 2016-2017 thread

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  1. teabagger11

    teabagger11 Well-Known Member

    Mt Top PA
    that sucks @huffster
  2. Kaleidopete

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    Moe Mountain
    Dislike :(
  3. thegock

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  4. w_b

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    central jersey
    GLW Repair @huffster

    3/15 - 1:26:13

    Not much to say on this one; more icy less snowy. The guys workin' (?) at the local DPWs really got it made. And the auto repair shops too. Large chunks of ice everywhere. Especially the roads. That is all.
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  5. rick81721

    rick81721 Well-Known Member


    Still in the game - looks like I only need 4 consecutive 13 hr days to catch @Mountain Bike Mike. Went out in search of this mythical "magic" snow but just sunk in (even with the 3" tires at fairly low psi - didn't even bother adding any air since the month I've been away). Anywho, just did a road ride instead.

    PS look how cockeyed my helmet is - guess it's been so long I forgot how to put it on



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  6. thegock

    thegock Well-Known Member




    After some FMLA activities with my demented cousin and shoveling 400 lbs. of snow at Dad’s,

    Tool IMG_20170316_123600-01.jpg

    I headed for Chimney Rock. Going north on 287, I thought about the depth of the snow and considered Six Mile. Then, a minute later, seeing the sign for Weston Canal, I jumped off and headed for Lock 11 on the D&R Canal.

    The parking lot hadn’t been shoveled at 1pm, so I grabbed one of the eight spaces at the South Bound Brook Post Office and unloaded the Fattie. On the towpath there were a few footprints and no bike tracks. (WTF? Why aren’t the “29’ers rule” guys out there breaking trail?) Going was tough with the Spec GC tires inflated to 6 lbs. in back sinking about two inches in the top layer of powder. When I got to a bench a mile and a half WSW, the footprints turned back and I was following geese, racoons, deer and rabbits with Mickey Avalon spitting Jane Fonda on the phones.

    Just after the dead, frozen mouse, I got to the pedestrian bridge adjacent to the dam 2.5 miles south west, and decided that I had had enough. Got off for a mandatory bike picture and saw a medium sized red tailed hawk circling above the canal and that kind of made the day.

    Solo IMG_20170316_135627-01.jpg

    The ride back on “packed” trail with the wind helped, too. For the "Snowy Owl" Elite bonus:

    Snowy Owl IMG_20170316_153635-01.jpg
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  7. rlb

    rlb Well-Known Member

    Ouch, that sucks man!
  8. choop

    choop Well-Known Member

    Slow rolled Allaire yesterday morning. Mostly frozen, but were softening up anywhere the sun got through the trees when I left. So I cut the ride a bit shorter than I wanted to and rolled the fir road back to the lot. They are probably going to be a mess this weekend without any real cold temps to freeze them overnight. Moved a bunch of downed trees that crossed the trails

    1:16 MT
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  9. Frank

    Frank Sasquatch

    After tanking in the standings thanks to a cold that just wouldn't go away, I made my return to the bike today. After nearly 4 weeks off the bike it was surely nice to get out again on my FAT BIKE complete with BAR MITTS, so my hands were nice and warm and had plenty of grip on the dirt and ice. I'm glad I was able to get one last ride in on the BIYF series....it was fun.
    • 7.8mi
    • 1:11:43

  10. w_b

    w_b Well-Known Member

    central jersey
    Everywhere I popped in to see if any snow ish was rideable ish was not.
    Some spots: go a little then break thru, some spots all chunked up.
    Not as cold as past few nights. This ice and snow cr@p has gotten old fast.


    Enjoy this pic of a 2 stroke straight 6 Merc long block that Tombo is building up for his boat. The pistons go in from the bottom end - the cylinder head and engine block are all one casting. Old school.

    Bring on the spring!

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  11. Mountain Bike Mike

    Mountain Bike Mike Well-Known Member

    3/16 - 1:00:03

    Took the heavy bike out for some wind and hills to try and beat the lingering cold out of my system. Now, a day later, I'd say I was successful - I feel much better today. If you asked me how I felt at the top of the Pleasant Valley Rd climb yesterday, I would've threw up and passed out. So much remnants of the cold in my lungs, sinus and throat was killing me when my heart weight skyrocketed. Hacking, gagging on wads of goobers, nose running like a faucet.. I was a mess.

    3/17 - 1:11:34

    Magic Snow- I was originally planning a road commute on the heavy bike this morning but @stb222 has been nagging me for a couple days to get me some magic snow action. So I changed plans and got me some....

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  12. teabagger11

    teabagger11 Well-Known Member

    Mt Top PA
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  13. rick81721

    rick81721 Well-Known Member


    Forgot to wear green, at least the corned beef is cooking in the crockpot. Nothing of note other than I saw 3 roadies out there, all on decent bikes and wearing branded clothes, and two didn't have helmets on. wow


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  14. liong71er

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  15. thegock

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    Meeting the boys in the graffiti tunnel at 8:45am, 5 miles away and dead uphill. Cut through a dead end suburban “road” that turned out not to be plowed for a dose of HAB. On time, but they were running late. After 15 minutes, got a “Russ broke his chain” text. After 20 minutes at 24 degrees, I called them up and they agreed to bail.

    Now, I started across the trails, which turned out to be HAB with the depth of the unpacked, and in places, untouched snow. For a mile plus. Later, I had the best Irish soda bread ever.

    Here’s the fat:

    FZ  IMG_20170317_094544-01.jpg
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  16. teabagger11

    teabagger11 Well-Known Member

    Mt Top PA
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  17. oobaa47

    oobaa47 Well-Known Member

    3/18 1:11:05 + participation trophy
    The only non-pavement option out there that doesn't have 18+ inches of snow on it, the rail trail.....this might be it for me, the last biyf ride.....thank you so much rlb for running this...I never would've put in this much saddle time if it wasn't for this contest....


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  18. choop

    choop Well-Known Member

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  19. pygmypony

    pygmypony Active Member

  20. rlb

    rlb Well-Known Member

    I did the least of all, but glad I could help! Nicely done, I am impressed by all of the riding that was logged this year.

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