"Official" BIYF 2016-2017 thread

Discussion in 'Rides, Races and Events' started by rlb, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. huffster

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  2. Hot Action

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    Point Pleasant
    I second @oobaa47 's remarks, I am easily ten lbs lighter and much happier due to all of the miles I put into BIYF, HUGE props to @rlb for the hard work and hope to meet some of the mtbnj community out on trails, thanks again!!
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  3. rlb

    rlb Well-Known Member

    Awesome! As always don't forget @fidodie, he helped out a ton too.

    I'm still planning to put together a post BIYF ride like we did last year, so hopefully you can make it. I would love to pin a date to a nice dry trail system to , but you know how that goes.

    BIYF Wrap up ride:
    Vote for when/where.
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  4. thegock

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    Happy St. Patrick’s day again. Corn beef and cabbage on the evening menu with the parents tonight.

    @jimvreeland , who built these snappy Nextie rims below, suggested Six Mile at the crackadawn and it was just about perfect on the Fattie. Rode Blue from the canal and it was a little slow. About a mile in I lost the trail, circled back, and lost it again. At that instant also realized that it didn’t matter, because the bike was floating on top of the crust and I could ride anywhere.

    I sojourned off the trail up to Blackwells Mills side:

    Six Mile IMG_20170318_082224-01.jpg

    I rode up on a stopped @GHM73 and concurred on how great the Blue trails were then rode on. Just before the long wooden causeway bridge, I was trundling up a rise between two cedars, when my rear wheel slipped out and I dropped off the left edge of the trail between two other cedars. At that moment, @GHM73 and Mike, who I had met riding the Cedar Shakes three years ago rode by. These were two of the only three other riders that I saw Saturday morning, blowing by me when I was flattened off the trail under my bike. The embarrassment...

    Godsmack on the phones.

    Red was choppy and starting to melt at 10am. Glen said that White was starting to deteriorate. Six Mile will be a mess for a week. At least.
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  5. teabagger11

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    Mt Top PA
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  6. GHM73

    GHM73 Active Member

    Well I wound't say "blew by" you @thegock. "Struggled up the same hill slowly past you" maybe. :)

    Again, great to meet you out there.
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  7. rick81721

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    This is the last day? I thought it was tomorrow. Well I guess I missed first place by

    Anywho, did a 50 miler to get ready for HoH. Surprisingly only a few roadies out today. And stopped by 6mr lot, sure enough there was a car there with a bike rack - maybe my beloved Rachel??



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  8. M3Tim

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  9. knobbyhead

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    Thanks @rlb and @fidodie for running this and keeping me motivated. Ditto.

    Once again, I rode my bike more than I would have if I didn't enter this contest. I am ok with mid pack.

    I am always amazed at all the wilderness still available in NJ when I see all the pictures in threads like this.
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  10. choop

    choop Well-Known Member

    One last ride for BIYF. Thanks to @rlb and @fidodie for putting this together and keeping track of this thread to sort out all the data! I don't think you could pay me enough to do everything they did. I know I was getting tired of updating this thread with my rides the past few weeks.

    1:48 MT
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  11. liong71er

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  12. moray42

    moray42 Merman

    Tuckerton, NJ
  13. thegock

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  14. MadisonDan

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    Madison, NJ
  15. rlb

    rlb Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the thanks!

    I'm sure a few more rides will come in, but I think we can call it...

    Elite winner is @liong71er
    Mortal winner is @teabagger11

    Unfortunately there are no MTBNJ t-shirts, so it's going to be socks for all! I'm hoping to pick them up soon, and I'll work out how to get them to prize winners.

    Congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone for playing along. I'm glad to hear this kept some folk motivated through the winter. You put up some impressed by the numbers, this year everyone rode a combined 2217 hours. Well done!
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  16. teabagger11

    teabagger11 Well-Known Member

    Mt Top PA
    I'm not working on 4/2 so let me know where and I'll be there
    Pretty psyched that I won but it was only through many twists off fate
    @w_b and @thegock catin' up
    @huffster should have won kudos to you dude
    @JimN I think he would crushed us all if he had more riding ops@liong71er I may have to quit my job next year yo try and best you!
    Again just seeing people riding all winter is awesome!
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  17. pygmypony

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  18. thegock

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    Going out with a whimper, I guess.

    After a three hour breakfast with my wife concluded with leftover lemon meringue pie, drove down to South Bound Brook post office lot. There was a guy unloading a Cervelo Solo from a van there already while I set the Fattie up. Very few people on the towpath trail with variable snow/slush conditions. If the is Magic Snow, then is there magic slush?

    WSW of Zarepath there was deeper, slower snow and fewer people. Some exposed dirt and lots of big, slush filled puddles. Good to make the last one a challenging ride, I guess. And the Fatboi goes through or over anything for the last five days. The guy with the Cervelo was loading up at the SBB Post Office at the end of the ride. He had done 21 slow miles at age 71 recovering from a hip replacement after a fall on the road.

    Thanks to Pat and Rob, the admins, (riding time is precious and admining doesn’t get you in the saddle).

    Problem: 4/2/17 BIYF season ender conflicts with volunteering for NICA, my previous commitment. I will have to keep off the Levee:

    Levee IMG_20170319_123902-01.jpg
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  19. ekuhn

    ekuhn Well-Known Member

    somerset nj
    Bronchitis and a sinus infection took me out bad for the last few weeks. Got in one final hour.


    Congrats to everyone! Thanks to all those who helped keep it square
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  20. wonderturtle

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