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July 16
22.1 miles

Bummed out that my ride yesterday wasn't at the Stewart 45. :(


Didn't know if I was going to be able to get in a ride today before dark. Schedule changes worked in my favor and I got out around 6:30pm. Rode around Long Valley a bit, then screwed around on dirt roads and fields in park checking out the last day of the town carnival.

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Day 17

Today I started with a lunch ride, going back out on the road for the first time since the July 1 road ride to @jmanic & his grill where I eradicated a 2+ hour calorie deficit in 15 minutes. Today was just to get out and try some new glasses. I have been experimenting with this lately, as I got something in my eye a month ago and scratched it up pretty badly. Anyway, it was a low-key meandering road ride.

Then tonight I tried a new bike! @jdog sent a Santa Cruz Tallboy 27+ with @Kirt last week and I got a chance to try that tonight. I need a few more rides on this to get a proper feel for it but my initial thought is that I am not sure what to make of it yet. I need to try it at more places and get a better feel for it. It's really upright, that's my first impression right now. Anyway, excited to start riding around some new all-around fun bikes.

July Challenge Day 17: Part 1 of my 2-part day.

15.5 miles

July Challenge Day 17, part 2: Trying a new bike at the CR Monday ride

9 miles

Total on the day was 2:29:27. The number of miles is pointless as we are mixing road and mtb.


Days: 17
Rides: 21
Time: 42:55 (8:55 over goal pace)

Stealing Pat's pic (which he stole from D). Tonight's CR crew:



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Day 18

Rode to the MAFW road ride tonight, then did some solid work here & there. Legs are a strange combo of responsive and tired. I take what they give me. Then I feed them chocolate milk because I needed chocolate milk. Holy crap I am tired now.

July Challenge Day 18: That was some damn fine pacelining tonight

43.9 miles


Days: 18
Rides: 22
Time: 45:25 (9:25 over goal)



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Day 18 - Part I and Part II

Total time: 2:34:22

My road bike is out of commission for a bit (turns out my ride last week didn't snap the cable - it snapped the lever clean off), so I'm all mountain for now. That'll make it tougher to hit my mileage goal for the month, but I think I can still hit it. At any rate, I got out for a mix of trail and road over lunch, and then had to bring the road bike to the shop tonight, so I shot up 413 to ride at Nox afterward. I actually enjoyed it out there tonight, which is rare for me at Nox (not my favorite place - a bit overbuilt IMO ...) But I had a massive gear on the rigid single tonight and that somehow made it better.

The Gnome Home ...

I'm enjoying Nox ... I don't even know who I am anymore ...


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