Woo hoo. Diablo opening day tomorrow.


Dam race conflicts! I expect a full weekend report of the new features. I will have to wait till next weekend for some Diablo fun.


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Wish I got to do alot more runs then I did, with the XC race and all eating up most of my sunday and Saturday was half a day wash, oh well.


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*taps finger on desk....

Tsk tsk. The results were not fit for public consumption. The adhesive they sent to attach the permanent mount to a full face helmet was loose velcro rather than a real double-sided foam adhesive pad (like the VHoldR uses), and the camera flopped around on top of my helmet making the footage just awful. I canned it after one run. The other mount was much more secure- a rubber and velcro deal- but there aren't vents on my fullface to let me attach it. Was rather disappointed, as I followed Simon (aka Gumby) and got him crashing three times in one run.

Fun day. Can't wait to get back on a dry day and hit all the new stuff...


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Just imagine 350 guys who have been drooling for six months about getting back to the top of a hill to find out that it is three inch deep mud. Too bad, I think most of us made the best out of it. I choose not to destroy the trails and fired up a BBQ and killed a 12er.


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Trails weren't bad at all on the Exodus/Tempest side. The tables were actually jumpable over there. After one run on the Dominion side through the standing mud, we avoided that stuff for the rest of the day. Conditions weren't ideal, but it wasn't the end of the world. That's why they have paid trail staff. It's a different story on public trails with volunteer trail maintainers...


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Hopefully it will be all dry and sexy (did I just call a trail sexy?) by the time I get back.

Do you guys think it's worth renting their bikes, or trying to find someone I know who will loan me one of their extras?
It looks expensive on the site.
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