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Overthinking the draft from the basement already
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Agreed, even back north of Pittsburgh when I would as why friends carried while riding or hiking, I always got some sort of an answer about "protection"- not really specifying two or four legged variety. I mean hunting or trapping, sure, fishing um prob not, riding, don't see a need. And not a lot of wildlife in NJ you need to protect yourself against. I mean, it was part habit. Most around here carry a knife in our tool bags and have one while hiking, and we rarely need it. Out there carrying when out in the woods is more common in general.

But speaking about NJ wildlife that can be dangerous, has anyone had a run-in with coyote? -either one or multiples? how dangerous can they be?

Someone on here came in contact with a rabid coyote. had to beat the thing with his bike to get it to leave him alone.
some old guy shot him the next day
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