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Video of a fox catching a baby deer in the yard.

Don't see the actual kill but you can sure hear it.

Wow I didn't think a fox would do that. My cat has fights with our neighborhood fox almost nightly. I catch a little on my camera. Usually just the fox looking back and running away.


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Big ass bear was initially in the middle of the road.

He lumbered over to this tree and was looking like he might try to climb it. Then he turned around like IDGAF and waddled away.

Very happy I was not on a bike and was in my car.

@HiFiGuy this was up near your side of town near the HS dropped off my sons friend at home.

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The fastest bear species is a black bear, which can run speeds up to 35 miles per hour


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thats ironic my son was asking if we are on the trails what do we do if we see a bear. and I told him you can't even ride a bike and get away and what to do .
That’s why you make sure you’re not the slowest person in the group 🤣.


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That’s why you make sure you’re not the slowest person in the group 🤣.
I was on a run through the neighborhood with a friend years ago. Out of nowhere, a pitbull started chasing us. I thought to myself, "At least I'm faster than my buddy." I turned around after a few seconds and I was surprised to see the pitbull only running after me. My friend had jumped on top of an SUV. So, try not to be the dumbest in the group either.
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