What Bird Did You See Today?

one piece crank

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Last week I saw a pair of birds flying pretty high up, cutting and diving, too far away to ID yet certainly not the usual suspects around here. This morning I figured it out,
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Juvenile Peregrine Falcon in the back yard.
I'm second-guessing my ID. I think it's a Cooper's Hawk. That 'little bit of a grey cap' and 'optimism' initially said Peregrine, but the absence of sideburns and the coloration/pattern is more in line with a Cooper's.


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I've had my GF pond for two years and I spotted a heron for the first time this morning.
Think it was a great blue, even though I have a heron net it will try to get my fish and be back soon.
Going to put a motion sensor cam to alert me when it returns so that I can audibly try to scare it away.
Anyone know if they are active at night?
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I saw this guy this morning, should I tell him where you live?



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Team MTBNJ Halter's
While at Stewart last week and today at work I spotted the House Wren. This guy is really chatty this time of year, his song let's us know it's spring.
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Also destructive to blue birds and other housing birds as they constantly build nest on top of others nest. They are hoarders as they dont use these but will fill a nest box within hours of twigs.