What bike company would you not work for?


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if you accept the job will you tell us?

how many Qs left? (<<--- that one doesn't count against it)


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Any big corporate job can chew you up and spit you out if you let it. I don't think the big S is gonna be any worse than any other similarly sized companies. If it sucks, you can always go to another company, and if it's great then let me know. Keep moving jobs until you find a company/job that you like.

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Specialized is by far the worst company to work for. I have quite a few friends that escaped before getting eaten alive by Sinyard. Horrifying stories and work environment. Trek seems like a fun place to work but they're the lowest paying company in the industry. So unless you really want to get yelled at by people all day I'd take a job at CostCo or something like that.

Is that the same for corporate?

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But retail is so much fun. I get to give basic economy and supply chain lectures to people that make a Million dollars a year managing the finances of the world.
I learned early on in my bike shop apprenticeship, that bicycle mechanics can fix basically anything.
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