What are you stocking up on?

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In these times when spare parts are hard to find, what are others "stocking up" on now, proactively, that you would not necessarily be pre-purchasing normally?

For me- brake pads- wow they were hard to find...


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i keep a spare set of brake pads for my mtn bike on hand, but thats always been the case, spare chain for each bike, and spare shifter/dropper cables (all of this is normal for me tho, not because of covid). This negates the hard to find issue for the most part since even tho they are wear parts, its pretty uncommon to have failures that close together.

o i usually keep a spare set of new tires around too, which reminds me i need to order more


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Whenever I stop at my local hardware store I check the shelves for bike stuff[owner is a mtber keeps stuff on the shelf to have a QBC account] cables brake pads chains
Oh and smart wool socks love those

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Early this year I jumped on a frame pre-order knowing I couldn't possibly see it before July, and now likely September. So I've been cacheing parts and should have everything, including my wheels built, by August. Everything has been difficult to find reasonably quickly, but that's fine on my timeline. Weird things like specific rims have been the hardest (ordered 3/3/21, due in next week). A few no-USA-stock items I picked up in Denmark, surprisingly for the same price, then add inexpensive no-hurry shipping. I've literally got dozens of sources as back-up.


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Us too, apparently. I missed the memo.



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how much for 1/2 that bucket?
all kidding aside i somehow snagged this online a few weeks ago and then the next day it was out of stock. one of my local pool stores got a good supply in a few days later it pays to check around a little.
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