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Thank you! Hit WSF today while down here in the south. Beautiful day! Conditions were perfect. I love throwing on some of my favorite music and linking turns together for ~20mi. So different than my usual terrain. So much fun!!! Major fail was that I forgot to apply the tick spray. Pulled one off on trail and showered + my wife gave me a good check right when I got back to my buddy’s house on LBI. Those buggers are active and ready to party; the bastards.


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Ferns when growing, grow like your lawn grows. The ferns die off around August/September. And that's when we start to roll. Watch this page or our Facebook page for upcoming trail work dates.

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Did some clean up on the white trail, 20201001_192621.JPG small stuff 20201001_192800.JPG20201001_193008.JPG then little bigger 20201001_192635.JPG 20201001_194153.JPG 20201001_195614.JPG20201001_201416.JPG 20201001_202704.JPG made it to the green trail20201001_203856.JPG can't do any thing with this one, but it is at the road at the green trail.


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