Weekend Report 10-27/28


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's

Darkness at 909 - Sat, One last MTB race!
Cross at Craigmeur II - CX on Sunday.
Mountain Man - Sunday at LM, 11:00

Group Rides

Brett @ Wawayanda - Sunday 8:00 am
BTCNJ @ 6 Mile - Sunday 9:30, Rte 27 lot
Jimex at Mahlon - Sunday 1:23 pm

Trail Maintenance

Sean at Mahlon - Saturday morning, Tearing down the Wall, Pink Floyd style
6 Mile Trail Building - With J&JDog, dog (STFU this gets tedious)
Randolph Area Trails - Both Saturday and Sunday

Weekly Trail Conditions Report

Rain, rain, rain people. Please be careful with where you choose to ride and/or destroy other people's hard work.

Allaire Good (10-24) - "Rode Allaire Tuesday. Sand still pretty nasty in the usual places. New reroute on orange trail looks good. " and then "This rain is just making Allaire even better. Trails are twisty and dust free. Come and ride our new reroute and pack that sucker in."

Allamuchy North Unknown (10-25) - Status changed due to much rain.

Allamuchy Deer Park/Stephens Unknown (10-25) - Status changed due to much rain.

Blue Mountain Unknown (10-25) - Status changed due to much rain. Was, "Very nice. Pretty heavy leaf cover obscuring some lesser ridden trails."

Chimney Rock Poor (10-25) - I'm sure it's bad here. Please don't ride these trails this weekend.

Hartshorne & Huber Unknown (10-25) - Status changed due to much rain.

Jungle Habitat Unknown (10-25) - Status changed due to much rain. Of the Ringwood/Ramapo/JH trails this drains the poorest.

Kittatinny Valley Unknown (10-25) - Status changed due to much rain. Was "Some slick spots but overall very good."

Lewis Morris Average (10-25) - Status changed due to much rain. Was, "Surprisingly dry and in very nice shape." This park drains well so if you give it a few hours after the rain it usually holds up well enough.

Mercer County Park Poor (10-25) - Historically a wet park.

Mahlon Dickerson Unknown (10-25) - Status changed due to much rain. As of yesterday however it was, "mahlon's wet and slippery, and soft in the usually soft spots. Mahlon TM Saturday!!! Tearing Down The Wall: part I time tbd"

Ringwood/Ramapo Unknown (10-25) - Status changed due to much rain.

Round Valley Average (10-25) - This was good, and some work was finally done on the backside on the wall, "I rode RV yesterday, and conditions were great. They finally sawed the big tree that was blocking "the wall" on the county park side, so no more pause to catch your breath there. A little more leaves, pretty." This place drains as well as any park, but it's going to be wet right now.

Six Mile Unknown (10-25- Status changed due to much rain.

Sourlands Unknown (10-25) - Status changed due to much rain.

Tourne Good (10-25) - Looks like this park actually held up to the rain well. Reported as, "Good. Wet leaves and roots but trails are 99% firm. Usual soft spots on two bridges trail."

Wawayanda Unknown (10-25) - Status changed due to much rain. 2 reports from this week, "Trails are in good shape with a bit of water in the pot hole areas of jeep trails. Besides that very leafy and slick out since last nights rain. For the most part the foliage has peaked and the temps for the first time in a few weeks should be brisk in the mornings starting Thursday 10/25. Overall pretty good shape just be aware of wet leafs on wet roots and rocks." and then "Waway trails were in good shape this past weekend. However, we've had some steadier rain since then....so I'd probably downgrade to an "average" rating as of today [10-24]. Also, on and off showers are forecasted the next couple of days."

Wildcat WMA Unknown (10-25) - Status changed due to much rain.
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Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Basically you have a lot of rain and a lot of wet trails.

You have 3 TM sessions where you can legally help build new trails:

- MD on Saturday
- 6 Mile on Sunday
- Randolph Trails both days

This is a good weekend to help build trails, not a great weekend for riding unless you pick your spot well.


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Tourne updated. Current list of "safe"-ish parks:

  • Allaire
  • Lewis Morris
  • Round Valley
  • Tourne

Brian Snyder

JORBA "Roaming Gnome"
trail conditions

Hartshorne and Huber not good. Much rain plus not enough trail maintenance sessions, equals poor conditions. (next session is 11/3/07 at Rocky Point in Hartshorne Woods) Sorry about the cross threading, but I will do almost anything to reach the masses.
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Round Valley in Nice Shape

Sunday 10/28
Totally enjoyable and rideable.
Started at the Old Mountain Rd parking lot.
I didn't come across any standing water or mud.
Lots of wet leaves, but strangely non-slippery. I guess they haven't had a chance to decompose and get slimey yet.
I stopped and turned around at the big grassy field just east of the southern dam, so I can't speak for the trails beyond that point, although they are generally more likely to get muddy.

Was a sunny, relatively chilly (high 50's) day. High winds - there were white caps on the reservoir - nothing big enough to surf on, but would have been a blast for an 8-yr old Eskimo kid on a Boogie Board.

This chilly day was just the beginning of the prime biking season for Me-J (my Siberian Husky). He can't wait for some snow...


El Guac-Oh
Awesome day in Ringwood....trails were in excellent shape...slippery leaves here and there....and some mud on the fire roads, but the singletrack was NICEEEE!

Beautiful Fall colors everywhere!


You could live with me, do my cleaning and cooking, I'll throw you some cash and NNJ riding is just up the road...
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