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Ok, not super vintage but no longer in production. This rolling chassis has been sitting in my shed for like 3 years with a box of parts waiting in my closet. My wife's best effort at getting me another new bike, she paid to have it all assembled and ready to ride. Picked it up an hour ago, ironically on my bday. My 2005ish Klein Attitude.


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that rocks, i still troll ebay for a klein roadbike with a sweet paintjob every once in a while just because its pure sex

Chris Nordt

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Started my 1996 Gary Fisher Joshua Y rebuild last night, got pretty far since all the parts off my 1998 GF Paragon fit on this bike. Just need to adjust the brakes and install the new front deraillour wire when it comes in and I'm good to go! Hoping to try it out Saturday morning..View attachment 35076

Since my last post I've had the bike out at least once a week, sometimes more and I must say I love it. As I've ridden more and seen whats out there, I've adjusted a few things and changed a few parts. I've ditched the 27.5 handle bar/stem and upgraded to an Easton EA90 stem with an Easton Monkey Lite XC bar, swapped out my old WTB cromoly saddle for a Bontrager Affinity RXL carbon saddle, swapped the old Ritchey clipless peddles for new Mavic peddles. I also noticed that I only used my middle ring on my front gearing, so i switched from a 9x3 to a 10x1 drive train. Lost the front derailleur and shifter and swapped the SRAM 9.0 rear derailleur and gripshift for a SRAM XO derailleur and SRAM GX trigger shifter. Replaced the 3x gearing with a single Race Face narrow wide 32t chain ring and bash ring since I was losing the protection of the outer ring. I must say I love the simpler setup and added weight loss benefit. Finally got this thing running like a champ, but now I have a baby so my rides just became a bit more sparce lol.
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