Union County Freeholders

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I've posted this idea before, but I think you need to stage some type of legal, nonviolent resistance. Get a large group of cyclists together, and do a road ride in a high traffic area. Everyone needs to be calm, follow all of the rules of the road, ride single file, have bells on their bikes, etc. Ride around the center of town, making lots of left turns or something. The goal is to disrupt traffic and be annoying, but in a totally legal and nonviolent way. You need to all wear shirts that say something like "Wouldn't it be better if we were in the woods?" Do this every Friday afternoon during rush hour. Of course people are going to hate you, but they already hate you for wanting to ride bicycles.
I'm in. Now we're two.

When we riding?


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I'm in. Now we're two.
I think we need a bigger group for this to work. We also need t-shirts or signs or something to indicate why we are doing this. Also, IANAL or a cop, but we should maybe consult with one. I assume this is legal if we follow all of the rules of the road, but who knows. I would also recommend filming with a gopro the entire time, as it will likely get ugly.

More importantly, where are we riding. It should be in an area that sees lots of car traffic, and is near a park that we are not allowed to ride in. I don't know anything about any towns in Union or Essex County.


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We could ride from South Mountain reservation ( Essex) to Watchung (union) and both parks are not MTB friendly. Bringing this to the attention of someone like NJ12 or NJ.com would help.
This would need be well orgainzed to get the point accross.


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Riding might not be the better path forward. A walk or march with a bike might be less confrontational. That will allow people to get the point across without technically breaking any rules.