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What size tires are you running?

Hey guys, the tires on my bike are cracking on the sidewalls, and the rear tire has a bad flat spot down the middle from the previous owner.

right now the tires on the bike are Kenda Nevegal, 26x1.95 rear and 26x2.10 front

can you guys recommend a tire and tube set up that will best work for me?

I plan on purchasing at either Brielle Cyclery or the Peddler
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Sorry for the double post but i keep changing my mind on this. The more i read around the more i find people are running fatter tires (than the ones i have) and even changing up the sizes for front and back...

for those of you riding allaire and hartshorne what tire sizes do you guys run front and back. Im starting to think maybe i want to get a fatter tire set....


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Every person on this forum will provide a different answer. The Navegals that you are using are very popular. That's because so many people report good things using those tires in our area. IMO, they may be overkill for Hartshorne and Allaire.

The width of the tire you choose is also very subjective. Some choose to ride a wider front in the hopes of better steering control. You can get away with a narrower rear tire.

I'd recommend a medium knob tire. The Kenda Carma falls into this category. You don't need a big burly tire for your riding areas. Buy the same width because it simply doesn't matter.


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lots of cats like bigger up front and smaller in the back. same goes for thread type, big/aggressive up front and smaller/fast in the back.

remember that certain companies advertise the size of their tires differently from what they in fact are. for example, continental usually produces tires that are smaller than advertised.


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if i want to go slightly fatter for front and back, what size would be a good 'next step'?

i agree with keeping same tire sizes for both...


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Tire sizes aren't exact. One company may make a 2.1 that is the same size as onother companies 1.95 or 2.3.

Hit up the local bike shop and take a look at what they have to offer. My choices are usually in the 2.1 to 2.3 size range.


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You can't really go wrong with any of the Kenda tire setups (for 26inch). The Nevegals are very popular but may be a little slow down your way. I'd run the DTC 1.95 version. For rocks the 2.1's are a little more stable. I also had great luck with the Small Blocks and Karma's. You may try a few different options before you find what fits your riding style.



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Panaracer Fire XCs are nice all arounders. Or the Maxxis Igniter to go along with Jims' suggestion of Small Block 8s.


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Panaracer Fire XCs are nice all arounders. Or the Maxxis Igniter to go along with Jims' suggestion of Small Block 8s.

My only gripe with the Fire XC's is that they tend to run small, my 2.1's look and ride a lot more like 1.95's


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I'm gonna say try the panaracer razers as long as you're not thinking tubeless. They are a good fast larger volume tire that are respectable in weight being that it's a 2.3


Go with the WTB Weirwolf Lts, 2.3 no doubt. Sick tire. love it.

By far these have been my favorite tire for Allaire and Hartshorne. I am currently running tubeless Ignitors and while I do like them, the bite from the Weirwolves are better. The only reason I switched is because of the thin sidewalls.:mad:I never wore the tread out. If they come out with a 2.3 UST Weirwolf I will consider them again.

I would stay away from the Nevegals like Ben said... overkill down here and way too slow.

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I've had very good luck with the WTB Wolverine. It's a 2.2 but has a nice fat profile on the DT 5.1 rims I have. Great grip at Allaire & Hartshorne and fast rolling too. If you're interested Beachwood Bikes usually has them in stock.
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