The July 31/31 Classic p/b Halter's, JORBA, & MTBNJ

Ian F

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Day 13 - more soupy spinning

With the forecast for today looking similar to yesterday (chances of T-storms again in the mid-afternoon), I decided to continue with the o-dark early rides to get an hour in. Wet roads and deeeep puddles = thankful for fenders on the gravel bike.

Similar high-tide situation at the boat dock in downtown Bristol:

With a similar weather pattern forecasted for Weds, expect another case of deja vu...


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Fender Pace
Grossness level 10 has been achieved. Met up with the local old roadies (50’s) since the trails were 100% no go after the rain yesterday. Luckily it seems we didn’t get as much rain as @Ian F but still dumped. I left my garmin at work (I hope) yesterday so no garmin watching today. Casual pace since the conditions didn’t scream ride hard today


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Day 13 - weather called for hazy conditions. False!

I needed to look up the weather term to make sure I’m not crazy…Hazy weather conditions are those in which things are difficult to see, because of light mist, hot air, or dust. The air was thin and crisp, filled with hazysunshine and frost. Synonyms: misty, faint, dim, dull

Today’s conditions weren’t mist, but rain.


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Overthinking the draft from the basement already
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Not sure, I quit after the second set of no trespassing signs and it looked like it was going to go pretty close to someone's house. I think @Patrick rode one for a while a few months ago.
@rick81721 , The one from three bridges went all the way through. The ones on higginsville goes to the eagle nest. I'm not sure about farther west
They are done working out here.

The ones off summer and pleasant run dont go through although they could.
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