Telemark Trails Conditions

Not that this should have to be said but if you’re riding the Telemark side resist the urge to explore the mines. Especially the big open one just off of the shotgun trail. A large black bear has taken up residence in there and would very much like to be left alone.
Large tree down across Blue Flipper just inside the upper snake hill rd entrance.

Large tree down across the upper switchback of Ore deal.

Both require chainsaws.

didn’t ride evergreen or shotgun so not sure about any of that but in general the place is a mess.

On the up side it’s hero dirt and grippy rocks…
@extremedave myself and a few others rode everything but Iron spirit on this side last night. Everything is clear now. There were a few large branches down across the trail we cut out with hand saws and a lot of debris. Iron Spirit is unknown though.
I will try to ride it this weekend with a Silky if i can break away from the endless BBQs.
Yeah saw that the other day. Disrupts the flow but not a major issue. Well clear it eventually. Thanks!
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