Stealth Trek/Gary Fisher demo today.


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I rolled up to Allaire today just before noon to ride with my friend and his wife, and what do I see in the lot? Bikes, lots and lots of bikes. So I cheated on my Yukon with a full-squish GF HiFi 29er. Wow, what a ride! Does anyone have a spare $3400 I can have? :D


I'm riding the 08' Hi-Fi Deluxe 29'er. I've had it for about a month and it's awsome.
Jim Vreeland at High Gear just did the tubeless conversion for me .

I frickin love this bike.


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wish they would have posted that it was going on...not that I would not have riden it was a perfect day.
the parking lot was a zoo though today.


Super Fly

I tested the Superfly out and was very impressed. This bike should be on your short list if you race a 29er. The highlight for me was the bottom bracket on this carbon bike. It felt as if nothing was wasted on each pedal stroke.

All the bike needs is a lefty fork :D

Cool event. Trek did a great job!


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Yeah ,how does something like that not make it to the forum ?

It's usually through a shop. Trek doesn't just come out and do a demo on their own. The shop obviously didn't do a great job promoting it, albeit plopping a trailer full of sick bikes on a gorgeous Sunday at Allaire is a pretty good way to get noticed;)



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Did anyone catch which shop hosted this?
Nick had said it was Brielle Bikes.

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