Sports Utility Bike


Horse-faced space dog

take a good look,
when you see it youll sh*t
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"Sleeveless Joe"
When Klein bought the rights from Maverick for the Palomino I thought they'd be around for a long time and I think recently thereafter they were bought out by Trek,...then it was just the Attitude...does Klein even put out a HT with their name on it??

Great paintjobs...


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I know a girl who's got one.

Uhm, the Mantra.
Lime green, I believe, from circa '00-ish.
I do know that it's for sale. So, if you need a bigger...
bike, I can hook you up.;)


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A friend of mine had that bike, only his did not come with the optional penis.
I missed that completely

never mind now that I read the first post I get it I am such an idiot at times....


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WOW, they have different message boards for that kind of thing.

I am still laffffing......:rofl:

Cyclo... you and your cookies are the best.

:eek: Aw, shucks, Joe!:eek:
I really was talking about the bike.

I call a rematch. You and me, on the ice, RW.
Let's see who can stay upright the longest.:rofl:
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