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I'm gettin' one of these things:D


PS-Not to be the geeky tech guy but, how cool would it be if it displayed your wattage?


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Cool, indeed.

90+% of the near altercations (and the only real altercation) I've had with cars were because they seemingly had no concept that I could be moving more than 5 mph. The driver of the car I actually hit (came from behind and turned in front of me) actually said he didn't realize how fast I was moving--luckily I was on the binders early enough that only a slightly out-of-true front wheel was the damage.

This gadget wouldn't of helped in most of my close calls. Most of my close calls were the result of a car pulling out in front of me (even when we've made eye contact)...folks figuring I wasn't moving 20-something mph. These days I grab a handful of brake regardless.


could have used it this weekend. I was moving 23 in a 25 with my brother when a driver decided cut right in fron of us. Very close call.
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