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I'm still in on helping at six mile - home court. I wouldn't knock on doors - if any houses are issues please feel free to direct them to me. I'm on the ww Zoning Board and am active in the township. I'm also in on a lot of historic preservation. I know a lot of people that know a lot of people. Those houses need favors - just like us. Knocking on doors and trail maintenance is suitable anyway because my shoulder is still all fucked up - from six mile...

Good to know Dan. Do you know John Loos or anyone else on the FT Trails Advisory Committee?

I invited Nicki Newby to the SoMo IMBA TCC and she had a conflict, but was pleasant and seemed supportive.


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I don't know anyone on the committtee directly. I have applied to be on it and hope to get appointed. Things are in a holding pattern because of the elections.

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