Skinny Heaven


entirely thrilled
it's in that guy's backyard. i would imagine it took many, many tries, and lot's of days of practice. really sweet stuff. hope to ride it one day.


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That is absolutely incredible. Watching it from the helmet cam is nuts.

I wonder where all the wood came from:hmmm:


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He could build a home with that much lumber!

Crazy.. Talk about making good use of the land you have to work with.



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Ryan Leech rules, makes stuff look entirely too easy. I have to get that vid, I love skinnies
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wow, very cool. however, that'd only be part of my heaven. i haven't put much thought into it but i know one other part would be an endless powder run on a cloudless rocky-mountain blue sky after the storm day with big drops, where i don't get tired and can actually land 720s.


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wow, that is some sick skinny skinnies and awesome riding. What a way to ruin a landscape too. I am thankful to have a landscape full of natural challenge in my back yard.
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