Ringwood Trail Building


JORBA: Ringwood
National Trail Day Weekend Event

Saturday and Sunday June 7 & 8

Come out and join Jorba/Rvcc and NYNJTC for this historic event. First legal trail building by mountain bikers in Ringwood State Park. The proposed trail will offer multiple rock features and breathtaking views.

Meet at Lot C at 8:45

Bring water,snacks, and work gloves. Tools will be provided. Either bring your bike to ride to the site, or be prepared to walk about a mile up. All hours qualify for Paydirt. See jorba.org for details:


For more information: rvcc at jorba dot org
One day or 2

I want to be involved. Can I just to Saturday? I'm helping in the All girls Day ride at the Blue Mt Festival. Gee, not enough days in my weekends.
Just a reminder, as it is this weekend!!

Make sure to tell the toll booth person you are going to RVCC/Jorba trail maintenance.
Some of what got done today.....





Tons of work done today. A big THANKS to:

Jessica Hoeverman
Walter Silbernagel
Renee Ramerly
Matt Watters
Andy Villani
Chris Garatti
Tom Stanowski
Jonas Sigle
Marrianne Santagelo
Will Weismantel
William Christaman
Joe Baldacci
Tyler Conlon
Jennifer Barden
Jeff Mergler
Bill Romollino
Joe Barros
Jeff Coneys
Gerilynn Swede
Mike Kuchanski
James Wilbur
Patty Duffy
Laura Winberry
Carlos Perez
Dave, Dillon & Delia VanWart
Joe Azze
Evan Magno
Art & Ellen White
Gene Giordano

and "camper" V

More work tomorrow as well!!!
lots o people

Pauline and I are going to try and make it. Tahir said he'll be there as well. Bought a solar shower at the last minute, im sure that'll get put to good use. Joe B looked pretty damn dirty when he came in to work.
Sorry i couldnt make it. I am grounded for poor grades in school. Unfortunatly my mom wont let me go tomorrow.
Big Thanks

Another big thanks for those that came out on this very hot weekend, some both days.

Thanks today go out to:
Joe Baldacci
Matt Watters
Jeremy Swift
James Wilbur
Ben Williams
Tahir Thomas
Kathy Piedl
Matt Piedl
Laura Winberry
Sandie Reily
Evan Magno
Art and Ellen White

The next segment of the trail is complete. This is a huge accomplishment to achieve in one weekend! 145 hours yesterday and 57 today, making a total of 202 hours and half a mile of technical trail built this weekend. We may need to fine tune a few of the rock sections, but it is ready to be ridden. So please check it out. Thanks all.
Sorry i couldnt make it. I am grounded for poor grades in school. Unfortunatly my mom wont let me go tomorrow.

We missed you t.watch, but as you already must know, school is important. I got some bad grades once myself and had to spend my summer in summer school, which was no fun :( . Hopefully your grades will improve and we will see you at another work day. We have projects going all year long :)
NICE! It is great to see this happen, and I hope to check it out soon. I may even have a bike more able to handle the real fun stuff.
I had a great time yesterday and wish I could have been there for more of it. Unfortunitly this thing called life got in my way :(

It is a Wicked cool trail too! It's so cool to ride a trail and say, " Oh yea,...we put that rock there,..jump,....we put that log there,..jump,... we put that berm there,...weeeeeeeeeeee
yeah sorry about not making it. Indian Jones was pretty good though and you have to try the Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory!!:D

I did get to see one of my favorite bass players of all times though yesterday....pushing a stroller of his supposedly ill-legitimate kid:mad:

All kidding aside we would have been there but Pauline decided to wear 'non-sensable shoes' when meeting up with her friend in Hoboken so her feet were shot!
What's the name of the new trail?

In honor of Joe B's new ink and since he suffered through 2 days in the sauna-like conditions, I think the trail should be named "Snake Pliskin". :getsome:

Will, nice meeting you finally. Good luck with the move and I hope you find some nice trails and fun crew to ride with out in PA.

I was riding at Blue on Sunday and its got me to thinking that this new trail reminds me of some of the tricky lines that Blue features.
Will, nice meeting you finally. Good luck with the move and I hope you find some nice trails and fun crew to ride with out in PA.

Ekkk, looks like the cat's out of the bag :D :cool: I'll be making a farewell blah, blah, blah post sometime in the near future.
Anyway It was nice finally meeting you too!
From those that I have met, the YAMBA group seem like a good group and I'll be doing TM and Group Rides with them.
Art and I got out and rode both sections 2 times each direction yesterday and they rode great!

Here's the turn Willy and I worked.

Past a big rock.

Past the fallen and re-born cedar.

Past the big cedar.

A turtle checking out the trail too.



yahoo!! Fun. Please help break it in by riding it some.
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