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Some more

this is/was the way into the park by the train station on High st.
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a pathway along the stream that was once a large pond
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the play ground area looking at what used to be Hoffman La Roach plant
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the same water fountain is still there and operational.
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That's about it. Funny how things today look so much smaller now that I'm big.
Also what used to be great distances aren't so much now.
Is this in Clifton? I think I recognize a couple of places but they are in different parks if memory is not failing me...Vasser park maybe?


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Is this in Clifton? I think I recognize a couple of places but they are in different parks if memory is not failing me...Vasser park maybe?
Nutley is right! On the edge of Clifton. Nichols Park is the name.
My fathers machine shop was in Clifton, Chelsie rd. It had a smokestack with our name DeMattia.
This is all that's left.


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Nutley is right! On the edge of Clifton. Nichols Park is the name.
My fathers machine shop was in Clifton, Chelsie rd. It had a smokestack with our name DeMattia.
This is all that's left.
Is that near the Summit Medical Group in Clifton? I still go there, always wondered what those letters on it meant, small world!


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Did a nice hike on my local trails today. I haven’t hiked since January of last year. It’s just something I felt like doing today.
I have ridden these trails, but they have some tough spots that I can’t ride. So I walked it today, looking to see if there were
any spots that need work. All looked good except for one spot with a tree across it. Some people ride over it I see, so it’s not
something I’d change. I don’t like it, but others do. Don’t want to sanitize the trails! It was 2 ¼ miles and about a hour and a half.
Tired me out, but everything went well. I used to love hiking until I had some issues with tendons and muscles giving out.
Maybe I’ll do some more, easy does it though.



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Wow! That was a cool adventure. I rode Paradise road which is off Clinton road and goes up through Watershed land.
I rode this years ago two times, once I made it to Henderson road and turned around and came back.
The other time I was Geocaching and only went part way up Paradise.
Today my intention was to go all the way to Henderson and see if it goes through to any main roads.
Paradise is quite an adventure in itself, I think it used to be a real road years ago, but like many things
it fell into disrepair and became a disaster. Now a days nothing can travel it except the best 4 wheel drive vehicles.
Huge puddles that are deep and take up the whole road, so much so that trails have been cut around them through the woods.
Rocky washed out climbs around every turn. Slippery old time woods black mud that easily spins your tires.
It’s only about four miles of this, but it’s relentless. The kind of ride that makes me say, I’m not coming back this way, no matter what,
there has to be a way through this and out to main roads again. There are plenty of off trails waiting to explore,
but I’m sure whatever you choose, you’ll be coming back because they’ll dead end.
When I started out it was snowing, but soon turned to a light rain, then back to snow.
There were many uphill, rocky spots I got bounced off track, lost my line, and had to dismount and walk.
I was holding a good line and then it would disappear and go to total rock garden.
Steep hills too. About half way through I met up with three side by side quads. Pleasant guys out for a good ride.
One said “hay, that’s one of those e-bike’s ain’t it?” I said yup, and you got one of those gas powered things, right?
Yup, we both laughed. I said, but I’m workin’ a lot harder than you guys!
Well, I made it to Henderson rd, which wasn’t any better than the Paradise rd I just came off of. I stuck with it and eventually
it started to turn into a real gravel road, and then some houses! Nice! Civilization! I came upon some guys by their truck and
asked where this took me. They said Canister road and then rt 23. Great, now I know where I am. So off I went on tarmac finally.
Made it out to the hi-way and headed south to Jimmy G’s bar along the hi-way. Pulled in for a beer and then back on the road to finish up.
Funny, my bike computer said I was doing 42 mph on the hi-way down hill, but my Garmin Strava said my max speed was only 24 mph.
Modern technology just can’t get this shit right, can it? Headed back across the hi-way to Paradise rd, and back to the start.
Now it started sleeting, to the point I had to squint my eyes to even see. Said I rode just under twelve miles, felt like twice that!

a party place out by Buckabear pond


some quads

finally, a beer


almost back to the start

snow, sleet


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I really over did this afternoon ride. I did my usual early morning ride of ten miles,
got back home to regroup and do my road ride to my club meeting in Pine Island, NY.
Everything was going great and I was right on schedule, that doesn’t usually happen!
It should be a 45 minute ride on nice country roads to my club meeting, and it was just that.
A great ride with only 3 cars passing me on the deserted roads.
The meeting is at the American Legion hall, we usually meet outside in the pavilion,
but with the cold they allow us inside at the bar. Meetings are at 11AM, bars not open. Except today,
The person behind the bar was asking who wanted what to drink! Of coarse I went for the double Jack & Coke,
good start to the meeting. It was a short meeting and we broke up around 11:30. Just in time as I finished my drink.
Back on the road I was peddling along and it was such a fine day I decided to take the long way back and explore a little.
The usual ride is about six miles out and six back. I was having such a good time and my legs were holding out,
I squeezed out an 18.5 ride. Now for lunch & a nap.


meeting time

nice old cemetery and fencing in Amity NY

This truck ain't goin anywhere soon

A remote part of Wawayanda park, AT and all

my turn around point


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Today I had to go for my hearing aid servicing in Warwick, NY. I’ve ridden this once before and it’s a nice road ride, about ten miles.
So I left at 9:15, planning to arrive at 10. Temp was an OK at about 27°. What I hadn’t counted on were the road conditions.
It was snowing pretty good when I left. I even had to pull over to put sunglasses on because of the painful precipitation on my eyeballs.
It’s all back roads to my appointment, which I like, but with today’s snow it was challenging, including black ice, and snow covered icy puddles along roadside.
I’m glad there isn’t much traffic on these roads that I have to watch out for, although they might have cleared the way for me, I don’t know.
Got to my destination without mishap. Did my servicing and was back on the road towards home. I decided on a little side trip to the
Diner in West Milford for lunch. My friend owns the motorcycle shop across the street and I figured he’d be hungry too. So I got us a
grilled cheese on rye and onion rings, pickles, and cold slaw. This we will split as half is fine for me. A cheap lunch at $7.45 for the whole thing.
He was hungry, we ate, I left to make the climb up Warwick Tpk. And back home. A very nice ride and lunch doing about 21 miles, and 2000 ft elevation.

the road there

The AT crosses this road

Nice view before descending into Warwick town

This is how workers park on these country roads! Can't imagine this working anywhere else!


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Something different today, I went to the West Morris Greenway for a ride. The website says ten miles and an out and back.
It was a little tough to find the trailhead. I arrived about seven AM and drove around a little, saw a park with dog walkers and stopped to ask.
This was the spot. The fellow said just go down that path and you’ll see a fork, stay right. I did that, but was disappointed to see the trail not
going the way I thought it would, I was confused with North and South. My Garmin set me straight and I was on my way. It’s a flat,
combination of cinders, gravel, and mud. I didn’t see anyone for the first five miles. When I got to 6.5 miles it put me on a road which seemed
to me the trail ended. I rode up and down the road looking for a continuation, but never found one. I headed back,
remembering an off trail to Black River something, up a very steep climb. So the plan was to try that. Great! Up and up I go,
thinking I can do this! Very steep. Maybe 400 feet long. I’m doing pretty good until I get to within about ten feet from the top,
when my heart and lungs are about to jump out of my chest! I had to quit, or die right there. I pushed the bike up the remaining ten feet
and rode on, following the trail. There was one cross trail, but I kept straight. Then it got smaller and narrower and brush covered
to the point it was only a 3 foot hole in the bushes. I turned and went back, thinking, now for the challenging downhill.
All went well and I was back on the West Morris Greenway heading back to my start, trying to catch my breath and hacking my brains
out after that killer climb. I had a fun time, even though I felt cheated that the trail ended at 6.5 miles. Now for a nap.

The start

How old is that!

Many trails

Ends at a road, the river

The uphill

the uphill trail ends

the down hill

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