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I just wanted to give a shout out to Pete (TownCycleBoy) of Town Cycle in West Milford. He hooked me up with a hard to find part for my wifes bike. I tried 2 different shops and they weren't able to get the right part. Pete went the extra mile to ask me for more info and photos of what I needed to ensure I get the right part. Then he contacted the manufacturer with what I needed so the same mistake the other shops made could be avoided. To top things off, he got them to send the part on warranty so he didn't charge me anything. That's customer service. Pete was out riding when I showed up at the store today but the guy that was there helped a great deal. I forgot to ask his name so Pete, please thank him for me.
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Town Cycle is my local shop. They arre great. They can help you with any problem having to do with a mountain bike.


Town Cycle Rocks

Town Cycle has been my primary shop for service for the last 6 years. I am running a Stumpy FSR , and I still use them even though they aren't a Specialized dealer. Mike built me up a set of Stan's rims with King Hubs that are rock solid and Pete is the only wrench I trust.

I bought my wife and son Gary Fishers last year.

Do yourself a favor and stop in.

If only I could afford that Turner frame Mike has been tempting me with ...


Don't piss off the red guy
They're not a Specialized dealer? I thought I saw one displayed near the window.
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Don't piss off the red guy
OK, maybe it was a Trek I saw in the window. I'm getting old. By the way, they also carry Rocky Mountain. That's why I brought my wife's bike there.


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Nah, not Spec...Fisher, Trek, Seven,...Turner of course,...TCB help me out here...

That just names a few. We also carry Giant, Santa Cruz, Lemond, Niner Bikes, and Rocky Mountain. And the other guy would be Michael Hoek, proud(sometimes) owner since 1986.
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