Post a picture of your next bike part or mtb gear on order!

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I used my Pros closet Strava challenge discount. Purchased SPD compatible power meter pedals


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Valves don't line up w/MAXXIS logo...
(I may mount my tires backwards, but the valves always line up with the logo... before anyone jumps down my throat)
Some do that on purpose to be a non-sheep just because somebody said you should.


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Everything for the wheel upgrade for the Enduro arrived finally. I'm also going to take the backup RD I have (XT, not pictured) and throw it on as well, relegating the lightly used SLX to failsafe duty. After all is said and done, outside of the suspension, this will be slightly better than an Expert build now (it's a Comp). Last thing to do will be the new frame protection I have coming.


Wheel weight.jpg

Only 20g over stated weight, pretty damned good! I'll be interested to see the drop in weight overall with the bike, which will now be insert-less as well. Hope to get it all together tomorrow, latest by Friday.
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